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Harmony Art Organic Design Launches Designer Fabric Line

Harmony Susalla is a woman with a mission: to inspire environmental and social change through creative, sustainable fabrics.

Gualala, CA (August, 2005) With the launch of her "Season One" line of printed fabric, Harmony Susalla, designer and founder of Harmony Art, has brought the organic movement to designer fabrics.

In 2004, Harmony walked away from a successful career designing textiles and products marketed by some of the world's largest companies. Her designs might have already made their way into your bedroom, kitchen or bath. "I realized I needed to be contributing a more socially- and environmentally-responsible product," explains Harmony. Her new line - and its infusion of color and design with her commitment to environmentally conscious options - resonates with the growing number of conscientious consumers.

"It's the right time for a new paradigm in how we relate to the fabrics in our lives," notes Harmony. "The textile industry affects everyone, everywhere. It has also been one of the world's largest polluters. Less than 3% of earth's arable land is dedicated to cotton cultivation, yet it accounts for nearly 25% of all insecticide usage. According to the World Health Organization, twenty-thousand people die each year in developing countries as a result of the chemicals sprayed on cotton. My new line of printed fabrics starts with cotton because it holds the most potential for improvement."

At the Green Business Conference in San Francisco last November, Harmony met organic-apparel designer Kate Scott. During their conversation, it became apparent there was a huge void in available organic prints. Costly and requiring large runs, printed organic fabric was only available to the "big" players. "For the rest of us, the choices were leftovers from larger companies," explains Harmony. "Why settle for corporate leftovers?!"

Harmony Art's first prints, released this month, are 233-thread-count organic cotton sateens in 110" widths. All are available in quantities from one to thousands of yards. Their exquisite designs, derived from the geometrics and patterns of nature, command instant attention. "I want people to fall in love with these prints," states Harmony. "The organic shift in fiber production is critical to our collective health. But this line isn't about guilt; it is about gorgeous!"

Part of what makes Harmony Art prints unique is the process she uses to create her patterns. All of the "Season One" prints are a direct result of the time she spends exploring and hiking the northern California coast. "Whispering Grass," part of the initial release, was inspired by the foliage in her own backyard. "All of the plants in the print are native. None of them were cultivated, they just grew of their own accord," explains Harmony.

Product designers are thrilled with this new direction. Expect to see "Season One" prints everywhere soon: on apparel, bedding, accessories and more. Additional prints from the "Season One" line will be released later this year.

About Harmony Art:
Founded by husband and wife team David "Sus" and Harmony Susalla in 1998, Harmony Art has created designs and products for every retail level from Target and Wal-Mart to Nordstrom and Williams-Sonoma and many points in between. Their commitment to organic began when they teamed with fourth-generation textile company Fox-Rich Textiles, Inc. to produce the "Season One" line. "Season One" is now available for purchase through online distribution channels Organic Cotton Plus, NearSea Naturals and PM Organics.

Contact:   Harmony Susalla, Founder and CCO
Harmony Art Organic Designs