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All of our fabrics are made from 3rd party certified organic cotton. The printing is done with low-impact inks and dyes to the GOTS.

Conventional cotton farming is not good for people or the planet.  Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world and uses some of the most toxic chemicals. Contrarily, organic agriculture uses 50% less energy and reduced water pollution by 75%. It takes carbon out of our atmosphere and puts it back in the soil leaving the land healthier and reducing global warming.

The chemicals sprayed on cotton are some of the most hazardous. According to the World Health Organization, 20,000 people die each year in developing countries as a result of the chemicals sprayed on conventionally grown cotton. Five of the top nine chemicals used on cotton in the US are known cancer- causing agent.

One of the most common chemicals sprayed on cotton in the US is aldicarb. According to the The Deadly Chemicals in Cotton, "A single drop of the pesticide, aldicarb, absorbed through the skin can kill an adult. ... In 2003 almost 1 million kilos were applied to cotton grown in the USA." Its use in the US has led to the contamination of groundwater in 16 states. This powerful nerve agent is more widely applied on cotton than any other insecticide in the US today! The real scary part is that cotton DOES ends up in our food chain - as cottonseed oil and as feed for cattle.

Harmony Art is committed to helping expanding the use of organic cotton globally. We believe that it is time to realize the true cost of the purchases we make and awaken from the "better living through more things" stupor to quality living through thoughtful (not more) things.

A report on cotton was released in early 2007 by the Environmental Justice Foundation in collaboration with PAN UK called "The Deadly Chemicals in Cotton". I highly recommend this report for anyone wanting to learn more.

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